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BarriAire Blocks Contaminants – Enhanced FR Protection – Superior Breathability – Incredible Strength and Durability – Unrestricted Hearing – Stain and Water Resistant
BarriAire Blocks Contaminants

Superior Particulate Blocking Power

PGI BarriAire quilted composite fabrics block 96% of particulate less than 1.0 micron in size and increases to 98.5% with laundering. BarriAire Gold Hood quilted composite fabric recently achieved Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) Rating of 96.8% and Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Rating of 97.9%.*

BarriAire is Enhanced FR Protection

Inherently Flame Resistant

Proprietary PGI flame resistant fabrics offer excellent heat, flame and thermal resistance with no melt or drip. Easy to wash/dry with extremely low shrinkage after repeated launderings.

BarriAire is Superior Breathability

Exceptional Breathability and Comfort

PGI BarriAire quilted composite fabrics provide excellent breathability, reducing the potential for heat stress while pulling moisture away from the skin to the outer shell where it can evaporate keeping you drier.

BarriAire is Incredible Strength and Durability

Longer Wear Life

Superior tensile and tear strength, quilted with high performance meta-aramid thread to stabilize and enhance particulate barrier durability.

Unrestricted Hearing with BarriAire

Increased Situational Awareness

PGI BarriAire quilted composite fabrics are quiet and allow unrestricted hearing in and around the fireground.

BarriAire is Stain and Water Resistant

Exclusive DWR Finish

PGI Gold FR fabric features durable water repellent finish for superior soil and water repellency with outstanding stain-release performance. Reduces buildup of toxic residue that is easily absorbed by non-treated fabrics and allows hood to dry 2x‑3x faster.

*As conducted by Nelson Labs, U.S.A. This is not a substitute for an N95 Respirator Mask.

Product Line

BarriAire™ Gold Particulate Hood

BarriAire Gold Hoods

BarriAire™ Gold Particulate Mask

BarriAire Gold Masks

BarriAire™ Comfort Plus Neck Gaiter/Bandanna

BarriAire Neck Gaiters/Bandannas

Particulate Protection

BarriAire Particulate Barrier Technology products offer more protection, comfort and value. BarriAire particulate products combine two outer layers of proven flame resistant fabric with an inner layer of ultra-lightweight DuPont Nomex® Nano Flex fabric which blocks penetration of over 90% of harmful submicron size particulates.